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WHY choose Conway Hill Group to be your financial advisor

Access to more than just a Broker.

Conway Hill Group prides itself on its ability to offer its clients more. When working with us you will have access to our international network of researchers and analysts when you need them. This enables our clients to have the information they need as soon as they need it, additionally they have the luxury of feeling more involved with their portfolio. By doing business in this way it allows us to offer our clients more than most, we give you access to corporate and government bonds, stocks, customized money management, IPO’s, and CD’s.The services we provide vary depending on the purpose of your portfolio whether you are looking to create a retirement portfolio, education fund, estate plan, or a trust service, we will create a dynamic portfolio to suit you. We apply our expertise and experience to bring you the most suitable advice that will assist you by boosting your portfolio to the next level.


Throughout your partnership with Conway Hill Group we will actively be looking at maximizing your portfolio returns, we know that you have a goal in mind, and a time frame to reach it, so our advisors will work closely with you to grow your portfolio on a regular basis. The strategies we provide our clients with do not always stay the same, throughout your time with us we will consistently monitor and tweak your portfolio to reach and maintain your goals. Depending how much influence you wish us to have on your portfolio will determine how often your portfolio will need review, for a client who wishes to let us make the majority of decisions we recommend a monthly review.


When working with one of our many advisors the first point of call is to get to know you, your goals, and your previous investment experience. When your advisor creates your portfolio they take a lot of factors into consideration, risk tolerance, age, experience, capital, economic situation in your country, just to name a few. With all these factors contributing to the creation of your portfolio we are able to provide you with a portfolio that is well suited to you, that will show you consistent returns, on a regular basis. In addition we also offer our clients the tools and information they require to make the financial decisions on there own, which gives each of our clients a choice when it comes to how they wish to invest.

A Convenient way to trade.

When it comes to finances, there never really seems a convenient time to start your trading. At Conway Hill Group we work closely with you to create a time frame and portfolio that is convenient for you to manage. We know that in the the midst of everyday life, finding the time to fit everything in can be a hassle, we go out of our way to fit your strategy around your existing responsibilities.We pride ourselves on the ability to communicate with even the busiest of clients, whether by phone, electronic mail or in person, we make sure that our partnership is convenient for you.

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