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About Conway Hill Group

Conway Hill Group offers their clients a broad range of financial services and solutions

In addition to portfolio management services, we offer a range of banking and investment banking options. This in addition to our private equity advisory, stockbroking and asset management services.

Conway Hill Group also operates a non financial cluster for investments. We service our clients through multiple channels, from electronic mail,telecommunications, on site, and at our physical address, this enables us to offer our clients a seamless customer service experience.


Conway Hill Group’s vision is to be a leader and pioneer in the financial industry, through our years of experience and positive results for our clients. We believe that at the heart of everything we do here at Conway Hill Group are our people. Each member of our team has the ability to stay ahead of the curve, to be innovative and to provide each of the clients they work for financial solutions that are tailored to their needs. In today’s modern age the future is made in the decisions we make and the actions we take, together Conway Hill Group has the ability to provide you with a healthier, Happier tomorrow.

Conway Hill Group has a wealth of industry experience and investment knowledge that enables us to assist our clients meeting their financial goals. Our team provides each of our clients with a comprehensive range of strategies and services in order to create a portfolio that is right for them. Every piece of information that we give to our clients is backed by in depth research, and analysis meaning that we take out as much risk as possible for your finances.

Working with one of our brokers here at Conway Hill Group, you will not only have access to their unique view and knowledge, you will have access to our large network of market analysts, researchers and economists around the world. Utilizing this methods gives each of our clients access to well taught, highly experienced professionals in areas such as research, financial planning, fixed interest investment strategies, corporate finance opportunities, IPO’s and more. Our advisors ensure that you have direct access to the correct information that is relevant to you and your portfolio, at the right time, this will allow for your portfolio to be more successful than you could have previously imagined. We welcome every body, to work with Conway Hill Group to discover how valuable our advice will be to you, whether you are a small, mid, or large investor, we will give you equal opportunities in the marketplace.

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