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Join Conway Hill, to gain access to some of the highest quality research and analytical teams in Asia. With our researchers backing everything we do, we know we can help you.

A FullService

We work with each of our clients closely to bring them a personal service from start until finish. Conway Hill are here to assist you with your financial needs and offer a full service every time.

Welcome to
Conway Hill

In the year of 2001 in Taiwan, the idea of Conway Hill was formed and has today become one of the most well known full service brokerage firms in Asia. Conway Hill started out as a boutique investment service provider for the local market in Taiwan, with that success we decided to expand and have been thriving since. Since 2018 we have been offering our clients a wide array of services that include portfolio management and institutional trading. Over the years we have expanded our international network and now have positioned our research teams and analysts into some of the largest financial hubs around the globe.

With every investor having different needs, and goals we know how hard it can be to find a brokerage that works well for you. Being a client of Conway Hill enables you to have access to some of the brightest minds in the financial industry, who bring you personalized portfolio’s that fit your day to day needs. Depending on what the purpose of your investment is, whether it be for college education, retirement, or simply a passive source of income, Conway Hill is here to assist you turn your goals into a reality. With our almost three decades experience in the finance industry, we have access to a large array of options for your portfolios including ETF’s, stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds and more. Our goal is to assist you on the correct path to financial well being, if you have a specific investment strategy in mind, we will work closely with you to fulfill it.

We know that not all of our clients have had the same exposure to the markets as the rest, which is why regardless of your investment experience we help to give you the information you need to simplify the choices you make. With a more than reasonable commission structure and guidance which is second to none in the industry Conway Hill will make sure your money works hard for you. We are one of the largest full service international investment facilities in Asia, using modern technological advances we are able to provide some of the most accurate information that our clients can rely on.

When it comes to satisfying our clients needs, we rate this as our top priority, Conway Hill believes that a satisfied client means a returning client, we aim to provide you with a customizable portfolio that suits your short, mid and long term financial goals, this will enable us to give you the best possible service. You know your finances better than anyone ever could, so our portfolio managers will work with you to find a path that will suit you.

About Conway Hill

About Conway HillAbout Us

Conway Hill offers their clients a broad range of financial services and solutions. In addition to portfolio management services, we offer a range of banking and investment banking options.

This in addition to our private equity advisory, stockbroking and asset management services. Conway Hill also operates a non financial cluster for investments.

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Institutional Trading

Conway Hill has spent years creating a diverse, and talented team of traders for our institutional trading sector.

Retail Trading

When it comes to investing Conway Hill holds no prejudice, whether you are a sole investor, or part of a large corporation...

Wealth Management

Conway Hill offers our clients with a ‘full service wealth management’ package. Working with one of our team here...