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Research and analysis


When it comes to the markets, the way we conduct research is complex, and constantly evolving. Conway Hill Group’s research department is staffed with industry professionals from economists, to ex portfolio managers, to financial advisors. The team conduct in depth and highly detailed research into companies we deem to be undervalued. We base our research on more than just the financial aspects of a company, we study the company management structure, previous records, products and potential for growth, this gives us a true insight into the company and allows us to make informed decisions when it comes to our clients portfolios.

Our researchers and analysts work hand in hand to provide our wealth managers, and our clients with up to date information on potential opportunities that arise. Since we deal with a diverse range of clients, that vary so vastly when it comes to their investments, our research team has been of great importance to us, since our inception in 2005 we have invested heavily to create a research team that can handle any request at any time.

The Value of Our Research Department:

With the markets globally becoming more complex, Conway Hill Group provides each of their clients direct access to the research teams and analysts.

Conway Hill Group gives their clients access to not only research from local markets but research on a global scale, this enables our clients to have more choice when it comes to their portfolio.

Conway Hill Group believes that behind every good investment is a solid base of financial research, and analysis, we only offer our clients information that has been fully researched and signed off by our senior team.

Advantage over our competition

We offer global research efforts, which is the key to success in the markets, as markets are influenced by not only local conditions but also international events. By having such a globally diverse research team positioned around the globe we are able to deliver accurate information to our clients when they need it.

With over two hundred analysts worldwide we can draw on their extensive experience in the financial market, this in combination with our wealth managers experience ensures that our clients have their investments looked at from both sides of the coin.

Conway Hill Groups research analysts have an average of 10 years of experience in their selected field.

Market Summary