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Institutional Trading

Conway Hill Group has spent years creating a diverse, and talented team of traders for our institutional trading sector. Our focus is on creating and managing a powerful blend of domestic and international investment opportunities for our clients. Our expertise in the markets is second to none when it comes to timing, our capabilities go far beyond that of your local brokerage. Combining our years of industry knowledge and experience with modern technology we are able to offer our clients the most current institutional trading advice on the market.

Conway Hill Group believes that without the correct amount of research and analysis, even the most positive ideas can be completely useless. Our institutional trading team maximize their efficiency by working closely with our research department in every situation. Combining these two teams in such a way, has enabled Conway Hill Group to provide our vast international client base with timely trade execution based on highly accurate research. Conway Hill Group is proud to put their name to everything we do, because we know how much impact we have on our clients portfolios. We provide each of our clients with the competitive edge they need in today’s ever evolving market place, and with the results we show our clients, we are proud to give them advice year after year.

Market Summary